Paradise Drinking Water's
Office Delivery Service

The Best Tasting, Highest Quality Bottled Water for
Office Delivery at the Lowest Prices

  • The highest quality water at the lowest prices
  • Reliable delivery service that goes the extra mile
  • FREE water and cooler rental for new customers
    4 free bottles of water plus 4 weeks cooler rental free
  • Trusted vendor to government agencies and port authorities
  • Eco-friendly: refillable and recyclable bottles
  • Watersafe System: splash-proof, spill-proof coolers available
  • No contract required for service
    However, we offer discounts on annual contracts
  • AAA rated by the Better Business Bureau
  • Member of the California Bottled Water Association
  • Licensed and regulated by the state of California and the FDA

Paradise Drinking Water offers our business customers the highest quality bottled water and delivery service at the lowest prices in Orange County and beyond. Our premium bottled drinking water comes in a selection of purified, spring, and alkalized bottled water available for convenient delivery right to your office. Our water is so good, we bottle it for five other companies. Try it for free; new business customers receive four free bottles of water plus four weeks' cooler rental at no charge.

Three Kinds of Premium Water in a Selection of Bottle Sizes

Our mountain fresh spring water, purified water and alkalized Paradise P9+ water are of superior quality. We bring our 100% natural and naturally delicious spring water to you direct from select mountain springs, and our purified water is filtered using the best state of the art equipment. Our revolutionary alkalized water is the most scientifically advanced water available anywhere and has numerous proven health benefits. We will deliver your preferred water in your choice of five gallon, three gallon, 1 liter or 1/2 liter bottles (see our Water Products page for pricing and additional information.)

Excellent Delivery and Customer Service

When it comes to delivery and customer service, we go the extra mile. We are an experienced vendor to government agencies and port authorities, and if your agency or organization requires any clearances for service we will gladly obtain them. We deliver our bottled water every two weeks, per your specifications; we'll leave the bottles wherever you request, and we'll even put a new one on the cooler for you if you'd like. Our advanced Watersafe coolers are designed to stay clean over time-they are the cleanest coolers available-but if you're concerned your cooler has become dirty, we will gladly replace it at no additional charge.

Our courteous, friendly delivery drivers are always available directly by cell phone so that you can reach them with any questions, concerns or requests. Our drivers also carry purity testers on hand so that you can test the purity of your water the moment it's delivered. Finally, if you run out of water before your next scheduled delivery, we will make a special delivery as soon as possible. (Special delivery fee may apply.)

The Watersafe System

Our splash-proof, spill-proof Watersafe System eliminates the possibility of someone slipping on spilled water, improving the safety of business owners and their employees. Watersafe bottles are guaranteed not to spill, and because they are easier to load onto the cooler, no one has to wrestle with the neck of the bottle, transferring hand germs onto it and ultimately into the cooler. Watersafe coolers and bottles are the most hygienic bottled water dispensing system available and are highly recommended by the FDA. For more information about the Watersafe System, click here.

Talk to a Live Person, No Contract Required

Paradise Drinking Water is a locally owned business, so you can always reach a live person in our local office by phone; we do not force you through an automated menu! You don't need to sign a contract to begin service, either. We do offer discounts to customers who sign a contract, but you are certainly not obligated. Your service will start within 24 to 48 hours, from the time you call us to set it up, or at everyone's convenience.


Our bottles are refillable and recyclable plastic. This durable, food-grade material allows us to thoroughly wash and reuse our bottles. Our local filtration and bottling facility makes for a relatively short delivery trip to our customers' homes and offices. This means less gas, less emissions and less of an impact on the environment. Even our spring water is collected locally, from select springs on Mount Palomar in northern San Diego County.