About Paradise Drinking Water

At Paradise Drinking Water we are proud to have received accolades both for the outstanding quality of our spring and purified drinking water and for our unparalleled excellence in customer service and support. See below for a list of additional reasons we hope you'll choose Paradise Drinking Water as your drinking water delivery service provider.

  1. Our 5 gallon bottles of purified and spring drinking water are the lowest regular price in Orange County.
  2. Paradise drinking water is the purest water you'll find anywhere. It is always under 5 parts per million (ppm) total dissolved solids (TDS,) while the average tap water is between 400 and 600 ppm. And each of our courteous, professional drivers always has a purity tester on hand, so you can test the purity of your spring or purified drinking water on the spot.
  3. Our purifying and bottling equipment is state of the art. We don't cut corners; though more costly, we invested in stainless steel construction because it contributes significantly to the creation of the purest water possible.
  4. Our electric coolers are all Watersafe Coolers, highly recommended by the FDA. Paradise Drinking Water is proud to offer these new, advanced bottled water coolers to our customers. Click here to learn more about our Watersafe Systems.
  5. Paradise offers volume discounts to all high-usage customers.
  6. Every Paradise Drinking Water delivery driver is available directly by cell phone to ensure that we can always handle your requests promptly and effectively.
  7. Here's the best part: we give all new residential water delivery customers THREE FREE BOTTLES to start service, and we give all business water delivery customers FOUR FREE BOTTLES + the first FOUR WEEKS COOLER RENTAL at NO CHARGE! Current water delivery customers who refer new customers get two free bottles as a thank you for their referral.

Check out the rest of our site for more information about our products and services, and don't hesitate to give us a call with any questions you may have. We look forward to answering them and continuing to provide the very best products and services available.