Paradise Drinking Water FAQ's

  • Why should I buy purified or spring water instead of drinking tap water?

    Many people choose purified or spring drinking water over tap water because purified and spring water don't contain the chemicals, such as chlorine and fluoride, that tap water does. Our purified water and spring water are also free of dangerous heavy metals such as lead that can be found in some tap water. Health concerns aside though, the biggest reason that people choose bottled water over tap water is the pure and clean taste. The better your water tastes the more you will drink and everyone knows these days that water is the bodies' most important nutrient.

  • Why should I have water delivered instead of using a home filtration system like a pitcher with a filter in it or a filter that goes on the tap?

    Nothing can replace natural spring water. As for purified water, the kind of home filtration system required to get close to the level of purity of our purified drinking water costs several hundred and sometimes thousands of dollars, not to mention the regular cost of replacing the filters and maintaining the system. The small filters in pitcher or tap filtration systems are only capable of limited filtration of certain impurities, and even many under-the-sink models come up short when compared to the results of our commercial purification system. Our water delivery services eliminate the hassle of repeatedly buying and changing filters or scheduling and paying for maintenance calls. Remember this... there is a huge difference between a filtration system and a purification system. Water run through most filters and filter pitcher do little to change the purity of that water, their main purpose is to remove chlorine. Our purified water some of the purest water in Southern Ca. and we will prove it to you.

  • What is the difference between purified water and spring water? How do I know which to choose?

    It's a matter of taste. Spring water absorbs minerals as it moves through subterranean rock, and this gives the water a taste some people prefer to that of purified water. Our spring water is fresh from Mount Palomar in the Palomar Mountain range in northern San Diego County, and we filter it to remove impurities. Contrary to how some people believe our purified water is actually purer than the Mountain Spring Water. Some people like the taste of Spring water and others like there water better the purer it is so ultimately it's just a matter of taste. Paradise Waters gives you free bottles to try so you can decide for yourself which you like better.

  • Where is your spring water from?

    Our spring water is fresh from Mount Palomar in the Palomar Mountain range in northern San Diego County.

  • How pure is your purified water, and how do you purify it?

    Our water is purified by a state of the art multi-stage purification system. One of the stages is reverse osmosis purification. The process begins with a filter that collects large particles and sediment, followed by activated carbon filters that trap chlorine and other chemicals. Then the water passes through a reverse osmosis membranes, which allows water molecules through but not larger compounds. The result is almost 100% pure H2O. Our water has as few as 3 parts per million total dissolved solids, while tap water typically has 400 to 600 ppm.

  • What are "parts per million" and "total dissolved solids"?

    For our purposes, parts per million is a measurement of the amount of total dissolved solids in a given volume of water. 1 part per million is equal to 1 milligram per liter of water. Total dissolved solids include minerals, salts, metals and other things dissolved in the water-anything besides the H2O molecules. That's why our purified water is nearly 100% pure H2O; because it contains down to only 3 parts per million total dissolved solids.

  • Aren't minerals in my drinking water good for me? Should I be concerned about drinking water without them?

    You'd have to drink an impossible amount of water to get even a fraction of your body's needed daily amount of minerals. The vast majority of the minerals we take in come from our diets, and that's as it should be, because wholesome foods are far more mineral rich than any water.

  • How are the quality of your spring water and the purity of your purified water regulated?

    Paradise Drinking Water is licensed and regulated by both the state of California and the Food and Drug Administration.

  • What is the Watersafe System?

    The Watersafe bottle system features a special spill-proof bottle cap that means no one ever has to wrestle with the neck of the bottle, so hand germs will never find their way into the dispenser. Each cap has a hygienic label on top that you'll peel off just before you place the bottle on the dispenser. When you turn the bottle over, the cap will remain completely sealed-nothing will spill out. Once you put the bottle on the cooler, a feed tube inside the cooler will automatically pop open a valve in the cap through which the water will be dispensed. NO MORE WET WALLS AND FLOORS!

  • Does any of your bottled water come in glass bottles?

    Glass bottles are heavy and dangerous, both for our delivery people and for you. To ensure safe delivery and dispensing of your spring and purified drinking water, we use high quality, food grade, plastic bottles. Polycarbonate plastic is the same material used to make baby bottles, but it's also extremely strong and durable, and we've found it to be the best material for our water bottles.

  • How often will you deliver my drinking water?

    We make regular bottled water deliveries every other week.

  • What do I do if I run out of water?

    Just give us a call-we will make a new delivery to your home as soon as possible. (Special delivery fee may apply.)

  • Do I need to be home to receive the bottled water delivery?

    No. We understand that most of our customers work during the day and/or have busy schedules, so we're happy to make arrangements with you to drop off your bottles when you're not at home.

  • Do I have to sign a contract to purchase delivery services from Paradise Drinking Water?

    We do not require a contract. We do offer a discount on one-year contracts, but you are certainly not obligated to sign in order to enjoy regular delivery of our drinking water.

  • Do your rates include the delivery fee?

    No. The delivery fee is $3 charged once a month. Our competitors charge $4-8 each delivery.

  • Can I use my existing dispenser with your bottles?


  • Do you offer dispensers if I don't already have one?

    Absolutely. We offer coolers as well as crocks and stands, and all of our coolers are state of the art Watersafe System coolers, highly recommended by the FDA.For more information about the Watersafe System click here.

  • What are my billing options?

    You may pay the delivery driver with a check, cash or a money order. We can also keep your credit or debit card on file, or you can set up monthly auto pay from your bank account. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and debit cards. Or you can go to our website and pay using our online option which allows you to pay through PayPal.

  • How soon will my service begin once I sign up?

    Within 24 hours. Or at a time of everyone's convenience.