Paradise Drinking Water's Purified Water

Purified Bottled Water Orange/LA CountyWe provide the highest quality purified water in Southern California. The superior quality of our purified water, in addition to our affordable, convenient delivery and excellent customer service, make Paradise Drinking Water your best choice for purified bottled water delivery service. We purify our water with a state of the art purification system, so your purified bottled water is guaranteed to be the finest available. This water is purified down to five parts per million (ppm) total dissolved solids (TDS)-tap water contains between 400-600 ppm. You would have to spend thousands of dollars for a home purification system that yields results like ours, not to mention the cost and hassle of replacing filters and scheduling repairs.

You'll be able to feel and taste the difference with Paradise Drinking Water. Our purified bottled water customers have found that with better tasting water, they drink more on a daily basis, helping them stay more hydrated and as a result more energized. Even your coffee or tea will taste better. Our bottled purified water is available in five or three gallon bottles and one liter or half liter bottles. The five and three gallon bottles are made for dispenser systems like coolers or crocks that allow for convenient use by multiple people in your home or office, while the liter and half liter bottles are perfect for individual-use, on-the-go hydration.

For the highest standards in purified water quality, exceptional service and unbeatable prices, choose Paradise Drinking Water as your purified bottled water provider. We are honored to be the purity leader in bottled water.

Pricing for Purified Water

5 Gallon Bottled Purified Water Orange/LA County
5 Gallon Purified

Monthly: $8.45
Annual Contract: $7.95
Pre-Paid*: $7.45

3 Gallon Purified Bottled Water
3 Gallon Purified

Monthly: $6.70
Annual Contract: $6.20
Pre-Paid*: $5.70

1 Liter Bottled Purified Water Orange/LA County
1 Liter Purified

Monthly: $10.80 + CRV
Annual Contract: $10.30 + CRV
Pre-Paid*: $9.80 + CRV