Paradise Drinking Water's
Alkalized P9+ Water

Alkalized Paradise P9+ Water

Alkalized Bottled Water Orange/LA County Paradise Drinking Water now offers the healthiest and most scientifically advanced drinking water available. Alkalized Paradise P9+ water has a number of significant health benefits. It truly hydrates a dehydrated body, purifying toxic cellular environments and hydrating your body on a cellular level. It also converts free radicals to antioxidants and moves the state of your body from acidic to alkaline.

This incredible alkalized P9+ water is available for convenient delivery to your home or office. Our alkalized bottled water delivery is fast and reliable, and the quality of the water is unbeatable. If you've never tried alkalized water, take advantage of our free offer for new residential and business customers. New residential customers receive three free bottles, and new business customers receive four free bottles plus the first four weeks' cooler rental free. You'll find that, over time, alkalized P9+ water improves your health and increases your energy. For ultimate health and hydration, choose Paradise Drinking Water.

Pricing for Paradise Alkalized P9+ Water

5 Gallon Alkalized Bottled Water Orange/LA County
5 Gallon P9+

Monthly: $13.95
Annual Contract: $13.45
Pre-Paid*: $12.95

  • Acidic to Alkaline
  • Free Radicals to Antioxidant
  • Dehydrated to Hydrated
  • A Toxic Cellular Environment to Purified
  • Lower Vibration to Higher Vibration
  • Unhealthy to Healthy!