Paradise Drinking Water Watersafe System

Spill Proof Water Bottles Orange/LA CountyAt Paradise Drinking Water, all of our coolers and the bottles we deliver for them feature the splash-proof, spill-proof Watersafe system. Each Watersafe bottle is fitted with a spill-proof cap; when you turn the bottle upside-down, the special valve in the cap stays closed until the bottle is fully seated on the cooler. No spills, guaranteed, and no need to handle the neck of the bottle, which prevents hand germs from getting inside the dispenser.

Our Watersafe bottles are also sealed with a hygienic label that prevents germs and anything else from entering the special valve in the cap. You'll peel off the hygienic label when you're ready to load the bottle onto your water cooler. Once you place the bottle upside-down on the cooler, a feed tube inside the cooler forces the valve in the cap to open, dispensing the water.

Anytime you lift the bottle off the cooler, even if there's still water inside the bottle, it won't spill a drop. As the bottle is removed, the feed tube pulls the valve closed again, automatically resealing the cap.

So leave spills and germs behind! Contact us today to ask about one of our safe and convenient Watersafe coolers.