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The Best Bottled Water Delivery Service in Anaheim, CA

Welcome to Paradise Drinking Water, the best spring, purified, and alkalized, negatively ionized E2 drinking water delivery service for the lowest prices in Anaheim. We provide the highest quality, best tasting drinking water available, with the added benefit of affordable, convenient delivery right to your Anaheim home or office. All the drinking water we offer is under 5 parts per million total dissolved solids, which translates into almost 100% pure H2O!

H2O is our most important nutrient, which is not surprising considering it constitutes 70% of the human body. At Paradise Drinking Water, we believe that such an essential element of our lives should be available in the purest quality with the greatest convenience and affordability, and this is what we offer our Anaheim water delivery customers.

We offer complete water delivery services to Anaheim, the greater Orange County area and most of L.A. County. Our professional delivery people are courteous, punctual, and available at all times during business hours by cell phone. All of our employees, both on site and in the field, are passionate about the taste and quality of our drinking water and are ready to serve our Anaheim bottled water customers.

And we offer more than bottled water delivery; see our selection of water dispensers available for rent, including new Watersafe coolers. Together with Watersafe bottles, Watersafe coolers are the improved, sanitary water dispensing system that keeps your water at its cleanest. Feel free to browse the rest of our site for more information on our delivery services, water products and affordable pricing. And don't hesitate to call us with any questions you have—we're happy to serve our Anaheim water delivery customers.

Reasons To Choose Paradise Drinking Water as Your Anaheim, CA Service Provider

Paradise Drinking Water has earned many accolades, both for the superior quality of our bottled drinking water and our excellence in customer care. Listed below are some more great reasons to sign up with Paradise Drinking Water today to receive the best bottled water and delivery service serving Anaheim.

  1. We offer the lowest regular price in Orange County for 5 gallon bottles of spring and purified drinking water and the quality and taste of our water is second to none.
  2. Paradise drinking water is so pure, it always tests under 5 parts per million (ppm) total dissolved solids (TDS.) To give you an idea of how low that is, average tap water tests between 400 and 600 ppm. All of our professional and friendly drivers carry purity testers so that you can test your Paradise drinking water when it's delivered and see the TDS reading for yourself.
  3. We use the most advanced bottling and purifying equipment in the industry. Even though it's more expensive, we use stainless steel construction at our facility because it makes a big difference in the quality of our bottled drinking water. Even so, our prices remain the most competitive in Anaheim and beyond.
  4. All of our electric coolers are Watersafe Coolers, the most sanitary bottled water dispensing system available. The FDA has highly recommended Watersafe Coolers for bottled water consumption. At Paradise Drinking Water, we offer our customers a selection of these state of the art bottled water coolers at the most competitive prices. Click here to learn more about our Watersafe Systems.
  5. We provide volume discounts to all our high-usage Anaheim bottled water delivery customers.
  6. All our courteous, professional, Anaheim water delivery drivers are available by cell phone during business hours, so you can reach them whenever you need to with any changes, questions or concerns.
  7. Here's the best part: we give all new Anaheim residential water delivery customers THREE FREE BOTTLES to start service, and we give all new Anaheim business water delivery customers FOUR FREE BOTTLES + the first FOUR WEEKS COOLER RENTAL at NO CHARGE! Current Anaheim water delivery customers who refer new customers get two free bottles as a thank you for their referral.

Water Products

Best Bottled Spring Water Service in Anaheim, CA

We get our 100% natural spring water fresh from select springs on Mount Palomar in the Palomar Mountain range, located in northern San Diego County. Our bottled spring water begins as rain and snow that undergoes a natural filtration process. The water absorbs the natural minerals that give our bottled spring water its delicious taste, finally collecting in aquifers that feed springs at lower elevation.

This superior quality, great tasting bottled spring water is ready for delivery directly to your Anaheim home or office. By federal law, bottled spring water must be entirely from the source and cannot be altered, and we adhere strictly to these standards. We are fully licensed and regulated by both the state of California and the FDA. At Paradise Drinking Water, we are committed to bringing the fresh taste of mountain spring water to our Anaheim bottled water delivery customers at affordable prices.

We offer our new Anaheim bottled spring water delivery customers free spring water so you can try before you buy. We give new Anaheim residential customers three free bottles, and new Anaheim business customers four free bottles plus the first four weeks' cooler rental free!

Best Bottled Purified Water Service in Anaheim, CA

We purify our water with the most advanced and comprehensive water purification technology available. Our purified water undergoes a rigorous, multi-step purification process, and the water we bottle at the end of this process is nearly 100% pure H2O. We prove this with purity testers every day: our purified water has down to 5 parts per million (ppm) total dissolved solids (TDS.) To give you an idea of how little that is, tap water has between 400 and 600 ppm.

This amazing purified water is available for delivery right to your Anaheim home or office. You won't pay more for outstanding quality with Paradise Drinking Water. We offer the lowest prices for bottled purified water delivery service to Anaheim. And we give our new Anaheim bottled purified water delivery customers free purified water to start. New Anaheim residential customers receive three free bottles, and new Anaheim business customers receive four free bottles plus four weeks' cooler rental free!

Best Bottled Alkalized, Negatively Ionized E2
Water Service in Anaheim, CA

There's so much to say about this revolutionary alkalized, negatively ionized water, we encourage you to check out the brochure available for download on our E2 water page for additional information (click on the Water Products tab at the top of this page and select alkalized, negatively ionized E2 water from the drop-down menu; then click on the link at the bottom of the page that says "Download the latest alkalized, negatively ionized E2 water information here.") The following is an introductory overview of the process and some of the many benefits of alkalized, negatively ionized E2, or Electron Energized, drinking water.

Our alkalized, negatively ionized E2 water starts out as purified water. Then electrons are added to the water in order to alkalize it. This makes the water a strong antioxidant that hydrates your body on a cellular level. Alkalized, negatively ionized E2 water changes the state of your body from acidic to alkaline, converts free radicals into antioxidants, purifies toxic cellular environments and truly hydrates you. You might think such advanced technology with such incredible health benefits would cost a fortune, but at Paradise Drinking Water we deliver alkalized, negatively ionized E2 bottled drinking water right to your Anaheim home or office for affordable prices comparable to the cost of our other bottled water.

If you've never tried alkalized, negatively ionized E2 water before, take advantage of our introductory offer of free alkalized, negatively ionized E2 bottled water for new Anaheim customers. New Anaheim residential customers receive three free bottles of water, and new Anaheim business customers receive four free bottles plus four weeks' cooler rental free!

Water Coolers in Anaheim, CA

Paradise Drinking Water offers our bottled water customers a selection of water dispensers for use with our three and five gallon bottles. These include our Watersafe coolers and our porcelain crocks with oak stands. Watersafe coolers are splash-proof and spill-proof water dispensing systems that eliminate the need for handling the neck of the bottle, meaning hand germs are no longer transferred from the neck to the water inside the cooler. These coolers also eliminate the risk of slipping on spilled water. In addition, Watersafe coolers are designed to stay clean over time. For more information on the convenient and sanitary Watersafe system, click here.

Our Watersafe coolers are available with hot and cold taps, or room temperature and cold taps. Our porcelain crocks are available decorated with hand-painted designs or without, and come with an oak floor stand.

Pay in advance for 1-year cooler rental and get a 30% discount. This adds up to a total savings of $62.40 for a hot and cold Watersafe cooler, $35.10 for a room temperature and cold Watersafe cooler, or $13.65 for a crock and stand.

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